Cable Management Services

Cable Management has become such an important aspect of the healthcare environment.


  • There is the Safety Aspect of cables hanging under desks, protruding from wall mounted arms, hanging off carts, which could trip someone up or catch an arm that is carrying supplies for a patient. But these loose hanging cables are not only visually unappealing. They also present a health hazard and risk of physical accidents from someone tripping and falling, which also makes it a liability for your facility.
  • Electrical and Data communications flow is an aspect of Cable Management that often gets overlooked. Properly routed and managed cables keeps computers up and running and connected for less down time. Additionally there is a great benefit for the IT staff. When they need to replace and cables or are performing a refresh/upgrade it made the job of reconnecting everything seamless.
  • Finally Patient Satisfaction/Perception. As we have computers in almost every location within the hospital where patients will be, having an esthetically pleasing view of these systems will enhance the patients view of their care and provide for a better HCAHPS score. Patient satisfaction will be improved making for a better outcome for all parties.

Case Studies

A couple of case studies illustrate the impact proper cable management can do.

1. One of our customers was continually adding computers to their Sterile Processing area and as they were put in the cables were just left hanging off the side of the work areas. It got so bad it actually looked like spaghetti.

Sterile-Processing spagetti

They contacted us to see what we could do to help with this issue. First we came out and performed a site evaluation then presented our plan to them. Here’s a before and after look at what we accomplished.

Sterlie-Processing-Cable-Management before


Sterlie-Processing-Cable-Management after


The staff there was so happy with the new, neat and clean look.

2. We had installed an early versions of the Ergotron Combo Arm about 7 years ago in this customers exam room in one of their clinics. After a couple of computer upgrades there were cables hanging everywhere. The patients would see this mess of cables and I’m sure were not impressed. So we came in, adjusted the arms and totally rerouted the cables to show a more professional look. Here’s the before and after photos.

Clinic-Exam-room before


Clinic-Exam-room after


Other Cable Management Examples

Workstation before

Workstation Before

Workstation after

Workstation After

Exam-Room-LX-Sit-Stand before

Exam Room Before

Exam-Room-LX-Sit-Stand after

Exam Room After