TFS can help take your project from start to finish with our range of services.   Our experience working with major hospital systems and their roll-out of EMR qualifies us as leading experts in the determination of product location, ergonomic placement, installation, asset management and logistical roll-out.  We do this by providing you with the following:

Computer Locations (where to put all these new computers)

TFS can help determine how many computers will be needed and the best locations to place them.  A room by room, floor by floor site survey, with your staff, will provide you with the appropriate typeof mount or mobile cart for the location, where data/power drops need to be placed, and where extra wall backing is needed to assure safe installation.  TFS will provide a detailed report of our findings.  This document will provide a tool for planning the financial and logistical roll out of the project.

TFS  works with the Healthcare industry in planning, consulting, implementation, installation and in-service for your computer mounting needs. 

How we assist our customers:

  • Our experience working with other Hospitals
  • Our understanding of how a Hospital works
  • Recommending the correct Ergonomic products that assist humans and machines to work together more efficiently and comfortably.
  • A desire to meet all of a Hospitals needs. From the nursing staff to the financial staff.
  • Documentation of findings and recommendations derived from our site surveys.
  • Experienced installation crews that work within your parameters

Installation and Implementation

TFS will provide the following services: 

  • Coordinated delivery and receipt of Hardware
  • Uncrating/unpacking of products
  • Disposing of packaging materials
  • Delivery of hardware to staging area
  • Preparation of parts and IT hardware for Wall Mounts
  • Installation and cable management of wall mounted computers
  • Installation of IT hardware on COWs
  • Asset management
  • Inservice for technical staff and end users